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We're No Ordinary Trading Community...

The Trade Nest isn't a place. It's a movement you join. 

We provide a supportive community to learn and grow together as self-directed traders while in pursuit of our most precious shared value. . .  FREEDOM.

No egos, unrealistic hype or relying on someone else. 

We teach YOU the skill of financial trading as a vehicle to achieving time and location freedom. Trading isn't easy so you'll have some work to do, but the payoff is life-changing.     

Most of our members learn and trade part-time as a side-hustle while they refine their personal trading edge leveraging our education, strategies and proprietary tools.

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Passion is in Our DNA

Inside The Trade Nest you'll find access to a wealth of learning opportunities, resources and enthusiastic sharing among members and our veteran Instructors. We share our experiences, market ideas as well as the triumphs and challenges of our trading journeys daily. We challenge and motivate each other while we collectively grow our diverse pool of knowledge to draw from. Together, we are better and achieve more than is possible alone. 

Join the movement and let's fly higher together! 

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